Can it be rented out?

Yes, if the owner chooses to do so, they may rent their units on a monthly basis. We also expect many purchasers to make Academy Ridge their primary residence. Academy Ridge is very rare because it offers complete flexibility of ownership.

Will Academy Ridge have a rental management company on site?

No. Should owners wish to rent their homes, they can do so through either a rental management company of their choice or individually. Our Academy Ridge specialists will be able to refer you to our recommended preferred local property managers.

What are the Strata fees?

Strata fees are estimated to be approximately 15 cents per square foot per month. We are currently working on the Academy Ridge strata budget and this amount will be confirmed before we write purchase and sale agreements once we file our Disclosure Statement.

How many parking spaces will be included with each unit?

Each unit will come with two fully enclosed parking spaces. Further, Academy Ridge will have 27 visitor parking spaces throughout the community.

Are the garages tandem?

Only The Delta will have tandem garages; all other units will have side-by-side double garages. Please consider this option carefully to ensure it suits your lifestyle.

Are there car charging systems?

Yes, there will be two car charging systems available in two visitor parking spaces. Each unit can have an in-garage charging system as an upgrade.

How much of a deposit is required?
  • Initial Deposit: 5% of purchase price by personal cheque or bank draft upon writing the purchase and sale agreement
  • Additional Deposit: 5% of purchase price on a firm contract.
  • Balance: upon completion.
How do I pay for my new home?

Academy Ridge will have a number of financial institutions offering financing options for our buyers that may vary based on the applicant’s personal finances. More details are forthcoming.

Does Academy Ridge allow pets?

Yes, Academy Ridge will allow a reasonable number of pets. For the details please refer to the Disclosure Statement.

Are there facilities for bicycles?

Yes, Academy Ridge will have bike racks throughout the community as well as a common area bicycle washing and maintenance station, accessible to all Academy Ridge residents.