Lock-Off Studios

What are lock-off studios?
Lock-off studios are essentially full rooms with ensuite bathrooms that have their own entrances accessible from the outside. The intention is to provide homeowners with a flexible space that can be utilized in a variety of ways to meet their needs. 

How to use it?
Use it as a normal guest bedroom for when friends or family visit. Or lock it off and rent it out to individual parties as a mortgage helper. Privacy remains intact because each lock-off studio is accessible independently through its own entrance.

Or use it to meet your specific needs. For example, turn it into a home gym to help with fitness goals, an office to boost work from home productivity, a theatre for the entertainment and movie lovers, or get creative and use it however you wish. The lock-off studios were designed to be adaptable to each individual home owner.

What units include a lock-off studio?
The Alpha floor plan includes 1 lock-off studio with a built-in wet bar.
The Beta floor plan includes 2 lock-off studios, 1 with a built-in wet bar.
The Delta floor plan does not include a lock-off studio.

Visual Examples
Below are some visual examples of different ways to set up your lock-off studio.